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About Me

Thomas Demeter


Thomas Demeter, professionally known as MR. TUMN1S or “TUMN1S,” is an American DJ, rapper, and record producer who is based out of the Greater Salt Lake area of Northern Utah. Thomas has produced many different genres, beats, and lyrical compositions. He has even been the engineer behind many of the upcoming artists in the area. He’s always working and thriving to become better at what he does every single day, and if you like the true, raw quality that underground audio has to offer, then you’ll definitely enjoy TUMN1S.

Thomas has always loved music, from the time he was able to move he has played piano. With no actual piano instructor and the dedication to never give up, Thomas has taught himself the music theory and how to write sheet music. Over the last nineteen years, he has truly gained an ear for piano and the sounds he likes to hear from it. In early 2018, Thomas wanted to be a DJ, so he learned from a family friend how to mix on DJ controllers and started to play on stages with other people's music. In late 2018, Thomas decided he wanted to start actually creating his own music. He received his first laptop and started to create simple compositions from that. He kept creating and creating until he finally started to understand what a mixdown was, and over nearly six years, he has worked with his DAW every single day, working to perfect the sound you hear today.

In conclusion, you want to follow an organic underground artist who has a true love for his craft, and a true connection with his audience, then you're in the right place. Thomas is always looking to work with others and show his craft to listeners who want something unique, new, and refreshing. Go ahead and subscribe to his mailing list or give him a follow on his socials. He would love to connect with you all!